Friday, June 17, 2011

Free ebooks: Dark Legacy

   Barnes and Noble has a free ebook today, 'Dark Legacy' by Anna DeStefano. This is a paranormal romance with a bit of mystery. The story centers around twins, Maddie and Sarah, who share a psychic power. There are separated as young children. One is comatose...maybe...and the other is being treated for mental illness. There are hints of a family legacy. This is not highly rated at Goodreads, with only 2.68 stars. It appears pretty split, with many readers giving 4's and 5's and others only 1's or 2s, with a comment that they could not finish the book. There are very few 3's, so I guess you will love this or you will hate it. You can read the Goodreads comments here. Here is the synopsis from Barnes and Noble.

Maddie Temple finds her life spiraling out of control as the mental link she shares with her twin sister pushes her closer and closer toward madness and her only hope for redemption lies with a psychiatrist who could end her career.

   You can pick up a copy from most ebook sites, but the only place giving it away right now is Barnes and Noble. You can pick it up here.

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