Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Welcome Back!

Welcome me! I've taken a big break from blogging. I've been reading a lot; about a book a week so far. But trying to keep up with blogging began to feel more like a chore than fun, and the more behind I felt, the more of a chore it became. I didn't feel like reading other book blogs and I didn't feel like updating mine. So I didn't. But I DO miss adding reviews, and I DO miss reading all of your reviews, so I needed to do something.

My 'something' is to excuse myself from everyday blogging. I no longer plan to schedule my blogging. If I feel like reviewing a book...I will. If I feel like participating in a meme...I will. That doesn't mean I have to participate every week, so write a set number of reviews.

I have also, temporarily, wiped my Google Reader list clean. I was overwhelmed when I saw how many blog posts I had to read since I quit in January....100+. So I 'unsubscribed' from everything. Don't worry. If you are following me, I will be subscribing to your blog again. I don't want to miss out on anything good. But I am adding a reader to my iPhone, and taking my time to learn to use it. As soon as I do....I'll be resubscribing. So keep those reviews and previews coming! And WELCOME BACK!

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