Sunday, May 25, 2014

Time 2 Quote #1

You know how sometimes when you are reading, a paragraph jumps out at you and makes you shout “YES!”? You feel like the author is talking to YOU! There were a couple of those moments for me recently, so I decided to share the quotes here.

This first one jumped out at me because often I look around and am overwhelmed by all the need i see. So many puppies need a forever home, but I can’t take them all. So many kids need a meal or a pair of shoes, but I can’t buy it all. I tend to become immobilized and do NOTHING instead, so this is a quote really made me sit up and take notice...

“She wasn’t responsible for seeing to everyone’s needs. That was God’s responsibility. Hers was to do what He brought to her attention, what He places in her path.”

A Beauty So Rare by Tamera Alexander, pg 236

I like this second one because I think it is really good advice. Also, it reminds me of something my cousin said at her funeral. (She’d been ill for sometime and wrote a letter to be read by the priest.) I wish I could remember her exact words, but I think the sentiment was very similar to the sentiment expressed here...

“This life is difficult. We lose fathers, brothers, mothers, songbirds, and pieces of ourselves. Whips strike the innocent, honors go to the guilty, and there is too much loneliness. I would be a fool to pray for my children to escape all of that. Ask for too much and it might actually turn out worse. But I can pray for the small thinkgs, like fertile fields, a mother’s love, a child’s smile aa l life that’s less bitter than sweet.”

The Pearl That Broke Its Shell by Nadia Hashimi, pg 436

What do you think of these quotes? Do they have any particular significance for you? What quotes have you come across recently that you think are worth sharing?

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