Friday, July 8, 2011

Free ebooks: The Hunt, Unsigned, Face the Winter Naked

   I have some ebook freebies to tell you about. They all look interesting. (I only post them if I think they look interesting!) The first one is 'The Hunt' by Jan Neuharth. This is a murder mystery built around a fox hunt. It gets high marks from Goodreads members; 4 stars! Read their comments here. If you like the book, you will also want to take a look at the follow-up book, 'The Chase'. Here is a synopsis of 'The Hunt' from Goodreads.

The complex and romanticized lifestyle of elite foxhunters is revealed in this thrilling murder mystery. An attractive and wealthy lawyer and horseman, Doug Cummings personifies the old money equine subculture of Middleburg, Virginia. Driven to succeed, Cummings's climb to the top is halted when he becomes the target of a twisted scheme to frame him for the murders of his former lover and horse groom. As Cummings attempts to find the true culprits, the conflicting forces of his community offer a revealing look at how vengeance, love, and envy obscure the search for truth and justice.

   This book is currently only available as a freebie from Barnes and Noble, and this may not last long. Often the 'Friday Freebie' jumps back to full price early the next week. You can pick up the Nook version here.

   The next book is 'Unsigned' by C.C. McKinnon. This is contemporary fiction, and also includes a hint of mystery. In this story, a newlywed couple receives an 'unsigned' suicide note by accident, and the wife sets off to investigate. There are not a lot of comments on Goodreads, but those who have reviewed the book rate if very highly, giving it 4.5 stars! You can read the comments here. Here is a synopsis from Goodreads.

A newly married couple receive an anonymous suicide letter delivered to their house by mistake. The wife, feels the need to discover whom the letter was written for. Her husband, Jay, would rather focus on settling down and starting a family.

As Louisa investigates the note's origins, secrets of broken childhoods and abuse are uncovered, and Louisa reunites a group of long-lost friends.

   This book is currently available as a freebie from both Barnes and Noble, and from Amazon. Pick up the Nook version here or the Kindle version here.

   The last book today is 'Face the Winter Naked' by Bonnie Turner. This is historical fiction, written about the Great Depression era. In the book, a WWI veteran abandons his family during the depression because he is ashamed of the fact that he cannot find work. This is rated highly by Goodreads members, who give it 4.2 stars. You can read their comments here. Here is the synopsis from Goodreads.

Daniel Tomelin, a shell-shocked veteran haunted by the carnage of the First World War, abandons his family in the Great Depression and goes on the road in search of relief from his nightmares. The life of a freight-hopping, banjo-strumming hobo appeals to him more than he wants to admit. But he insists he's not a bum - he's a family man looking for work; a down-and-out victim of the Depression, whose war flashbacks and guilt for leaving his family accompany him through the hills of Missouri. 

Compassionate, humorous, and warm, despite the economic hardships of the era, Face the Winter Naked will appeal to readers who enjoy tales of survival in the Great Depression. Stories of desperate men who couldn't handle the realities of war or financial ruin. Men who dearly loved their families but hadn't the courage to stay and accept responsibility. The story pulls the reader back to a tragic period in history, where people either learned to cope with poverty - or perished.

   This book is also available in both the Nook format and the Kindle format. You can pick up the Nook version here or the Kindle version here.

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