Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Free ebooks: Veiled Freedom and When I Lay My Isaac Down

   I have a couple of ebook freebies to tell you about today. The first is 'Veiled Freedom' by Jeanette Windle. This is Christian fiction, set in Afghanistan. It has a little romance, a little suspense, and is rated highly by Goodreads members, where is gets 3.98 stars. Here is the synopsis from Goodreads.

Naïve and idealistic, relief worker Amy Mallory arrives in Kabul ready to change the world. She soon discovers that as a woman in Afghanistan, the challenges she faces are monumental. As the new security chief to the Minister of the Interior, former Special Forces veteran Steve Wilson is disillusioned to find that the country he fought to set free has fallen into its old habits of greed and corruption. Afghani native Jamil returns to his homeland seeking a job while his painful past continues to haunt him. All three search for truth . . . and for freedom . . . but at what cost?

  You can pick up the Kindle version here, the Nook version here, or the Sony Reader version here.

   The next book is 'When I Lay My Isaac Down' by Carol Kent. I had heard the author speak about this story at a Women of Faith conference several years ago and then saw the Dateline episode on the story, so I have been planning to read this one for some time. I am excited to see it offered as a freebie. Basically, the author's son, her only child, was convicted of murdering his wife's ex, and sentenced to life in prison. The book is the author's story of how her faith has helped her live through this. The book received 3.95 stars from Goodreads members. Here is a synopsis from Barnes and Noble.

Change the way you think about personal challenges. Sometimes we make sacrifices to help us get ahead, to allow us more time with family, or because we believe in the cause. And then there are sacrifices in which we have no say— “Isaac experiences” as in Genesis 22— thrust upon us without warning or survival instructions. This audiobook outlines eight transformational power principles that Gene and Carol Kent learned in the process of facing the news that forever changed their lives: Their twenty-five-year-old son, a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy with an impeccable military record, shot and killed his wife's ex-husband. Jason Paul Kent, long recognized for his exemplary character, now walks a path no one could have predicted—and his family lives in the aftermath of a devastation most cannot imagine. Carol's candid retelling of her emotional and spiritual agony will touch your heart. The principles the Kents learned in the process of surviving such unspeakable circumstances will bolster your faith, renew your hope, and challenge you to new levels of personal and spiritual commitment.

   You can pick up the Nook version here, the Kindle version here, or the Sony Reader version here.

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