Saturday, August 2, 2014

Six Degrees of Separation: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

I had so much fun with Six Degrees of Separation last month that I decided to try it again this month. It came much easier to me this time! Six Degrees of Separation is a monthly meme, hosted by Annabel Smith and Emma Chapman, which normally runs on the first Saturday of the month. The main idea of this meme is to form a chain of books by linking something they have in common, kind of like forming a word ladder with common letters, and everyone begins their chains with the same book. Other than that, there are no set rules. You get to make your own!

This month, the starting book is Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. I read Gone Girl by almost two years ago. I wanted to read this book because it had received a lot of hype and it is set in Missouri. I was given a copy, so I did read it, but I have to admit, after all the buzz, I was underwhelmed!
From Gone Girl I am moving on to Weight of Blood by Laura McHugh. This is another story set in Missouri. Since this is my home state, I am always interested in a book set in Missouri.
From Weight of Blood my next step is Band of Sisters by Cathy Gohlke. Though they are set a century apart, both have sex trafficking as a major theme in the story.
From Band of Sisters I am moving to Very Valentine by Adriana Trigiani. These are both library ebooks I read on my iPad.
Very Valentine leads me to The Shoemaker’s Wife, also by Adriana Trigiani.
From The Shoemaker’s Wife I can connect to Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter. Both of these had beautiful descriptions of the Italian countryside.
From Beautiful Ruins I can circle right back to the beginning. Beautiful Ruins and Gone Girl are both books that I read because I was given copies and they received a lot of buzz. An both, in my opinion, were highly overrated! My Six Degrees of Separation is complete! And again, I was able to make a circle, though that is not required….at least not on my blog! (I get to make my own rules, remember!)

Want to play along? Just post your chain on your blog and then post a link on either Annabel’s or Emma’s monthly post. Or if you aren’t a blogger, just post your chain tin the comments section.  And if you post your link here, I’ll be sure to take a look!
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  1. I haven't seen this meme before, but I really like it! I might try it sometime. Gone Girl is on my TBR but I've seen mixed reviews, so I'm not in any hurry to read it.

  2. I have to admit, I was one of those who was disappointed in Gone Girl. Don't blame you for not being in a hurry to read it. There are plenty of other books out there.

  3. I like that you made a circle! I also found Gone Girl to be overrated but I did enjoy Beautiful Ruins :-)

    Here's my chain:

  4. Sometimes too much hype can be counterproductive, can't it? I really liked beautiful Ruins but hadn't heard too much about it before I read it so that might be why. Thanks for playing!

  5. I really like your Missouri link. I've always liked books set in more original and interesting places than New York and California. I read Sisterland earlier this year at learnt about the St Louis Arc (? - going from memory here...)

  6. Well done for making your chain into a circle!

    Here's my very linear approach :-)

  7. I had trouble with Gone Girl because of the hype too. I knew there were twists-on-twists-on-twists and that I would supposedly be shocked, so I think it had absolutely no hope in hitting the high expectations I ended up giving it.

    Here's my list.

  8. I also thought Gone Girl and Beautiful Ruins but am especially impressed by your manipulation of the covers in this post! Mine never behave so well!