Saturday, March 22, 2014

Spring 2014 Bloggiesta

It is almost time for Spring Bloggiesta! I’ve only participated in these once, in the Winter 2014 Bloggiesta this past January. I want to try to do these regularly because it is a great way to play ‘catch-up’ on tasks I need to do. And this one comes at a perfect time. I dashed down to Florida for Spring Break last week, and while I did quite a bit of reading, I had no internet connection, so I totally neglected the blog! So I have several things for my Bloggiesta To-Do list.  
Here is what I have planned for my ‘To-Do’ listt
  • Write and schedule at least 3 reviews
  • Update review page to link all reviews
  • Cross post reviews to Goodreads and Library Thing
  • Link reviews to Pinterest
  • Schedule WoW posts through April
  • Schedule 2 Tuesday Memes posts
  • Write 1 Talk 2 Me post
  • Brainstorm for Talk 2 Me ideas
  • Participate in at least two mini-challenges
  • Update my ‘Reading Map’ spreadsheet
  • Add links to Library Thing and Goodreads to sidebar

Wanna play along? Just go to the Bloggiesta post and sign up!
Here is a link to the Bloggiest blog, so you can get more information and sign up to participate.

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  1. Good list! I need to update my reading map too...

  2. Looks like you should be able to really get ahead with some blog posts this Bloggiesta!! Good luck! I'll stop back by during the weekend to see how you are doing!

    My Bloggiesta Goals and Challenges

  3. Good luck on your Bloggiesta goals! I had never heard of a reading map, but I checked out the one you linked up since I was curious. I don't usually map out what I am going to read - I just pick based on an inner feeling. . . unless I have to read something for TLC or something!

  4. Looks like an ambitious list... good luck!

  5. Wonderful goals. I love your reading map, that is a wonderful idea!

  6. WOW...very nice list. I am going to see what a Reading Map is. Sounds interesting. THANKS for sharing.

    I always seem to forget to link my posts to Pinterest. THANKS for the reminder.

    Have fun with the Bloggiesta.

    Silver's Reviews
    My Bloggiesta List