Monday, January 27, 2014

Wrap-up: Winter 2014 Mini-Bloggiesta

As you know, this past weekend was the 2014 Winter Mini-Bloggiesta. I'm sure you are all wondering..... how did I do?
Here is the To-Do list with tasks marked off.
  • Update my ‘Reading Planner’ spreadsheet
  • Write at least 2 reviews
  • Schedule these reviews on blog
  • Update review page to link all reviews
  • Update challenges page
  • Add reviews to Goodreads
  • Add reviews to Library Thing
  • Link reviews to Pinterest
  • Participate in at least on mini-challenge

This was my first Bloggiesta and I wasn't quite sure what to expect. I had a busy weekend and actually forgot about it until late Saturday night! But I did get most of what I wanted to accomplish completed.

These tasks were completed.

  • I updated my planner spreadsheet with a couple of new review books and all the selections for my book club. But we change our minds frequently so that may need to be updated soon. And I did just get notified that one of my reserve books is in at the library, so I will need to add that in. Still, I have a plan and that is helpful.
  • I wrote 2 reviews, and have them scheduled; one for tomorrow and one next Monday. I would have liked to have finished 2 more, but at least I met my goal.
  • I made sure all books I've read for challenges are listed and linked to reviews.
  • All my reviews are pinned on my Pinterest page. Of course, I will be behind again tomorrow!

These tasks were only partially completed.

  • Added reviews to Goodreads and Library Thing. I did pretty good here, getting all my most recent reviews added. But then 'homework help' interrupted. And I realized I still have several from a few months back to add.
  • Complete at least one challenge. I read through the Facing Your Edelweiss Fears by Shannon at River City Reading, and clicked a few links. I have an Edelweiss account, but haven't used it much, so I really want to take some time this week to explore, using Shannon's challenge as my guide.

Though I did not totally complete my To-Do list, I feel pretty good about it. I made some progress and took time to complete a few tasks I've been meaning to get to. I would say my first Bloggiesta was a success.

Did you participate in Bloggiesta? How did you do?


  1. It was my first bloggiesta too! I think you did good with your goals. Plus the point is to catch up with your blog stuff, not go crazy stressed with it. So good for you!

  2. I'm also a first time Bloggiesta participant :-) What a fabulous idea it is. I definitely plan to take part again in the future. Congrats on getting so many things done!