Friday, January 2, 2015

2015 Goodreads Choice Awards Challenge

I have a few more reading goals for myself this year. These are not official ‘challenges’ hosted on a blog, though of course, you are welcome to join me in my quests. These are challenges I made to myself.

The first is a Goodreads Choice challenge, based on the annual Goodreads Choice Awards. One of my goals this year is to read a wider variety of genres. My reading is largely fiction, and a good portion of that is historical fiction. I don’t really expect that to change much, but I do want to make an effort to try something new. So this year, I will try to read nominees from at least ten of the Goodreads Choice Awards categories. The catch is that I will not restrict myself to 2014 nominees. If you check the bottom of the right column at the link above, you will see links to the five previous years. I am not going to choose genres or books in advance, because I want this to fit in with my ‘free range’ freedom to read what I want when I want!  But here are some of the categories that I want to read from.

Science Fiction
Graphic Novels and Comics
Mystery and Thrillers
Memoir and Autobiography
History and Biography
Young Adult Fiction
Yound Adult Fantasy
Middle Grades and Children
Food and Cookbooks
Debut Authors

While I’m not eliminating the possibility of reading from these categories, they are not categories I’m likely to pick up.

Business Books
Picture Books

And I am excluding the categories of Fiction and Historical Fiction, because I will have those checked off multiple times, I’m sure!

Feel like joining me in this challenge? Just leave a comment and we maybe can encourage each other to expand our reading horizons!

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