Monday, January 11, 2016

2016 #ReadMyOwnDamnBooks Challenge

This is another new-to-me challenge…..and it’s the same old challenge. I need to clear books off my shelves….I need to read the books I already own...I need quit adding to my stash! I’ve tried other ‘clear your shelves’ challenges and they never go well. But I found one that is different — the #ReadMyOwnDamnBooks challenge hosted by Estella’s Revenge. But this one is different! I CAN’T fail! You know why? THERE ARE NO RULES! I just read my own damn books.

Now secretly, I hope to read at least one book each month from the books I already own. And I hope to give away another 5 books or so every other month, meaning I will clear 30 books that way. Of course, some of these will be books I read for the first part, but some will be books I’ve read and am hanging onto for whatever reason, or books I’ve decided I will NEVER get around to reading. Either way, clearing 30 books will allow me to….buy more books!!!

If you need some motivation to read your own damn books you can check out the sign-up post here!

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  1. Haha, yep, I do a challenge like this every year myself. Hopefully this year I'll do better at actually completing it :)