Monday, August 8, 2011

Review: Summer Sisters

Summer Sisters by Judy Blume

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I found this book for 50 cents at book fair, and since I recognized the author and I like good 'summer reads' I picked it up. I was disappointed in it. The story is ok, but not great. And even though it is written for adults, and not children, I was a little surprised by the 'adult content' in the book. But the real decider for me was the ending. If I don't like the ending, I'm not going to like the book. This one left me hanging. I'm not sure what happens and it was all just a bit too abrupt.

The story begins when Vix gets a call from her old friend and 'summer sister' Caitlin, asking her to some to her wedding. They have been friends since they were young girls, and the phone call starts Vix remembering the past. There has been a 'falling out' sorts and Vix is not sure she wants to attend the wedding.

Caitlin grew up rich and spoiled and Vix grew up with not much at all. One summer, Caitlin invites Vix to summer with her at her father's home on Martha's Vineyard, and this continues for many summers after, hence the name 'summer sister'. Like all friends, there are ups and downs, as they grow up, discover boys, and other things. Vix becomes part of the family in many ways. But at some point the friendship is tested to the limit. I'm not sure Caitlin ever realizes this, but it weighs on Vix. She has some thinking to do and some decisions to make when she is asked to be at the wedding. Ultimately she goes, and her life is better for it. But the story ends badly and is not as interesting as the cover. No need to bump this one to to top of your 'to-read' list!

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  1. I do agree that that title and cover art are misleading. This book was kinda heavy for a beach read.

    I think this cinches my theory though, that you either love it and identify with it, or hate it. I identified with Vix, and my "story" ended just as abruptly and unpleasant as this one, which is why I think I really appreciated it. Thanks for sharing your review with me!