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Review: Baseball Animals

Baseball Animals
by Christopher Jordan

Why did you choose this book? It’s BASEBALL!
When did you read this book? March 2014
Who should read this book? readers who want to start their young baseball fan off right
Here is a synopsis of Baseball Animals from Goodreads

In these Major League Baseball licensed books, children are introduced to exciting early concepts through two engaging titles that teach young readers about opposites and introduce them to various animals unique to the world of professional baseball. Children and parents alike will enjoy these fully illustrated and licensed books that celebrate the exciting world of baseball with MLB players, team logos, and more.

In MLB Animals, children will learn about the various animals specific to professional baseball and discover why each team selected the particular animal when naming their club.

My Review

Baseball season starts tomorrow, as you can see from the countdown timer here at the top of my blog. So it is the perfect day for me to review this book! I am the mom who sang ‘Take Me Out To the Ballgame’ as baby’s first lullaby. Baby took in her first Cardinal game by the time she was 6 months old. So how could I NOT pick this one up?!

What a fun book this is! The photos are great, filling the page, and the fun facts are interesting, too. Little ones will enjoy reading the book with their mom or dad and guessing what team goes with what animal. I was pleased to see the author did his research and correctly listed the origin of the Cardinals team name as the color and not the bird. It was interesting to see how he managed to work in animal tidbits even for teams without an animal as their team name. For example, the Oakland A’s use an elephant in their alternate logo. The book explains why.

There are two things that would make the book even better. It would have been fantastic so see ALL the teams mentioned. And I REALLY would have liked to have seen a caption identifying the players in the photos.  But even without that, this book will be great for any parent looking to start their child’s baseball education off right!

I won through the Early Reviewers program at This did not affect my review.

My Rating:  ★★★★   4 Stars
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