Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Missing? Better Check the Beach!

Wow! It's been awhile since I posted! I am so far behind on my reviews, and I missed my chance to catch up during Spring Bloggiesta! Did you think I fell off the face or the earth? Well, I do have a good excuse....a couple of them actually.

First, I took a week and a half and enjoy the sun and sand at Navarre Beach, Florida. The weather was wonderful and I basically did nothing but sit on the beach and read...and read...and read. (Did I mention that I'm way behind with my reviews?!) Here's a few pictures for you.

It was cloudy one day, but it never rained and was warm all week!

The view from our condo!

Our last evening walk along the beach just before sunset.
The other thing that happened is that I discovered my great-grandfather's birth record from Italy and with the help of the Italian Genealogy Facebook group, I've learned to read enough  Italian to pick out the important information. That inspired me to go hunting, which I've been doing pretty much full-time since I got back from the beach. I found great-great-aunts I never knew I had, as well as discovered the names of my gr-gr-gr-gr-grandparents! I had to tear myself away from my research to come here and post! 

But there is a book tie-in. I've picked up two books on Italian genealogy that I am working my way through, in addition to my recreational reading! The one I'm working my way through right now is Italian Genealogical Records by Trafford R. Cole. It's slow going, but only because I'm trying to absorb everything about it! If you have Italian heritage, I think you will enjoy this one, too, so check it out!

I will probably be posting sporadically for a few more days while I catch up with my review writing, but once I do, you should be seeing a lot of reviews here. Enjoy!

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