Monday, March 28, 2011

Free ebooks for Lent

   Many people use the weeks of Lent to grow closer to God. If you are looking for an aid to help you, there are a couple of free ebooks you may be interested in. These are not specifically geared towards Lent, so even if you already have a Lenten study you are using, you can pick these up and use them at other times of the year.

   The first book is 'The Gospel of Ruth: Loving God Enough to Break the Rules' by Carolyn Custis James. Ruth is one of my favorite people from the Bible, so this caught my eye. The author approaches the story of Ruth from a new perspective. You can read several reviews here at Goodreads. Here is a review from Kindle.

In her gutsy profile of biblical Ruth, Carolyn Custis James challenges old religious mind-sets about gender, how God uses women, and how men should respond to the Holy Spirit's work in women. The Gospel of Ruth is one of the richest and most insightful books I've ever read about any woman in the Bible. Carolyn is to be commended for making such a valuable contribution to biblical theology. -- J. Lee Grady, Author, Author of 10 Lies the Church Tells Women

   While you can pick up this book at several online stores, only Amazon appears to be offering it as a freebie. You can download the Kindle version here.

   The second book 'Souvenirs of Solitude: Finding Rest in Abba's Embrace' by Brennan Manning. Just reading the title stills me. The book You can read reviews here at Goodreads. Here is a synopsis from Barnes and Noble.

Whether we find solitude in a quiet and secluded retreat setting, on a park bench in the midst of a bustling city, seated in a 747 at 30,000 feet, or while pausing at our kitchen window, the call of solitude is a gentle but insistent tug on our hearts. We long, in these moments, to go deeper with God. We pause to wait on Him in silence. But sometimes we’d like a wise guide who can help us with this practice. In his honest, original, and winning way, beloved author and retreat leader Brennan Manning shares his wisdom, stories, and heart from his own experiences in solitude. Brennan’s meditations will prompt your own pursuit of God in the quiet places of your life.
Souvenirs of Solitude includes an eight-day retreat guide that provides stimulating promptings for your own meditation during solitude. Whether you use all eight or only an entry or two, you’ll find these exercises a refreshing breather from everyday concerns.
  The book is offered as a free download for both Nook and Kindle. It is available for the Sony Reader, but you will have to pay. Download the Kindle version here or the Nook version here.

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