Thursday, May 5, 2011

Review: The Year She Fell

 As some of you know, this blog is a recent 'spin-off' from my scrapping blog. I want to collect me reviews in one place and dedicated this blog to books and reading, without the distraction of scrapping pormotions. So I am slowly migrating entries from the old blog. I am repeating this review that I had originally posted on Jan 17th of this year. I loved this book, and that is worth repeating. Here's the original post!

 Today I want to tell you about a book I read recently; The Year She Fell by Alicia Rasley. I downloaded this as a free ebook from Amazon last month. I normally download these just because they are free and then never get around to reading them, but this time was different. I was immediately caught up in the preview.  Since I don't own a Kindle, I had to use the Kindle app on my iPhone to read it, but it was so good that it wasn't even an issue!

   Ellen O'Connor is a Presbyterian minister and the wife of a former CNN correspondent. She grew up in Wakefield, WV, which bears her family's name, with 3 sisters. The youngest was adopted into the family when she was 6 and is now a nun. The oldest sister was killed in a mountain climbing fall. The middle sister is a well-known actress. None of the girls live in WV.

  Ellen's life is turned upside down overnight, when a young man approaches her with a copy of his birth certificate listing her as the mother. She denies this, and proves it when she shows him a photo of her, very pregnant with her daughter born just a few months later. Then she realizes that she knows the young man's father. He looks exactly like her husband! Her husband claims the young man is a product of a one-night stand while he and Ellen were 'on a break'. Ellen retreats to WV to sort things through.

  Once she gets there, she finds her mother has become very 'chummy' with the president of the local college which is a legacy college for the Wakefield family. Mom is planning to leave the family home, a very large one, to the local college to be used as the President's Home, along with a tidy sum to 'maintain' the home. Ellen is convinced her mother is not well; perhaps in the early stages of Alzheimers, so she summons the sisters home to confer.

   I'm not going to tell you anymore, but you will learn who the mother of the young man is, as well as many Wakefield family secrets. You will also learn what is troubling Ellen's mother. The book is available in ebook form, though no longer free, and paperback from both Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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