Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Free ebooks: Cotillion, The Affectionate Adversary, On Falcon's Wings

   I have three more ebook freebies for you today. All are historical romances and are available for both the Nook and the Kindle, as well as the Sony Reader. The first book is 'The Affectionate Adversary' by Catherine Palmer, the first in her 'Miss Pickworth' series. This is a Christian romance set during the early 1800's. This is getting only mediocre ratings by Goodreads members. I'll let you read the reviews here. You can also read this synopsis from Barnes and Noble.

Charles Locke is risking everything to make his fortune in a tea-trading enterprise. Sarah Carlyle believes money is the root of all evil and is determined to be rid of her fortune. When Charles and Sarah are thrown together at sea, their hearts are unexpectedly bound. But when Sarah discovers Charles's hunger for money and Charles discovers Sarah's fortune, their love is suddenly in question. Can Sarah give her heart to a man motivated by money? And does Charles truly love her—or does he love her fortune?

   You can pick up the Nook version here, the Kindle version here, or the Sony Reader version here.

   The next book is 'Cotillion' by Georgette Heyer, another Regency romance. This is an older novel, considered a 'classic' Regency romance by some. (The author died in the 1970s.) Kitty Charing is the ward of an eccentric, but incredibly wealthy guadian who had no heir. He decides to leave his fortune to Kitty IF she marries one of his great-nephews. They are opposites, with one being 'rakish' and the other being 'mild-mannered. Which one will win her hand? This one gets pretty good reviews from Goodreads members, who give it almost 4 stars. You can read the reviews here. Here is the synopsis from Amazon.

Young Kitty Charing stands to inherit a vast fortune from her irascible great-uncle Matthew--provided she marries one of her cousins. Kitty is not wholly adverse to the plan, if the right nephew proposes. Unfortunately, Kitty has set her heart on Jack Westruther, a confirmed rake, who seems to have no inclination to marry her anytime soon. In an effort to make Jack jealous, and to see a little more of the world than her isolated life on her great-uncle's estate has afforded her, Kitty devises a plan. She convinces yet another of her cousins, the honorable Freddy Standen, to pretend to be engaged to her. Her plan would bring her to London on a visit to Freddy's family and (hopefully) render the elusive Mr. Westruther madly jealous. Thus begins Cotillion, arguably the funniest, most charming of Georgette Heyer's many delightful Regency romances.
No sooner does Kitty arrive in London than she becomes embroiled in the romantic difficulties of several new acquaintances. Kitty's French cousin, Camille, a professional gambler, has won the heart of her new friend, Olivia--who also happens to be the object of Jack Westruther's dishonorable intentions. Meanwhile, Kitty's doltish cousin Lord Dolphinton has fallen in love with a merchant's daughter who's embattled with his mother and needs his help. Finally, there is Kitty herself, who begins to wonder if the dandified Freddy might not be the man for her after all. As in all of Georgette Heyer's books, Cotillion transcends genre--it is, quite simply, wonderful literature. Historically accurate down to the finest details of dress, deportment, and speech, Heyer was also a master at creating unforgettable, comic characters, and Kitty Charing and Freddy Standen stand out as one of her most charming romantic duos ever.

   Pick up the Nook version here, the Kindle version here, or the Sony Reader version here.

   The last book today is 'On Falcon's Wings' by Lisa Yarde. This is set in an earlier period, the 11th century. I love the cover on this book and I think I will learn some history from reading about this period. The Goodreads members rate this one almost 4 stars and your can read their reviews here. Here is a synopsis from the author's website.

In 11th century Flanders, Avicia, an orphaned Norman noblewoman endures a public whipping, meted out as punishment for a careless but costly mistake. Edric of Newington, a Saxon noble witnesses the ordeal but is powerless to prevent it. Despite their whispered promises, Edric is honor-bound to marry another and suffer a loveless union. Believing she will never see him again, Avicia seeks comfort in another’s arms and enters the treacherous court of Duke William of Normandy. Only the aftermath of the Battle of Hastings can offer Avicia and Edric a chance to love again. 

   You can pick up the Nook version here, the Kindle version here, the Sony Reader version here, or the Kobo version here.

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