Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday Freebie: Footsteps in the Dark

   It's Friday, and that means a freebie from Barnes and Noble for your Nook! This week's freebie is 'Footsteps in the Dark', a murder-mystery-romance by the late Georgette Heyer. This is one of her earlier mysteries and has been compared to an Agatha Christie mystery or a grown-up Nancy Drew mystery by reviewers at Goodreads, where the book receives 3.53 stars. You can read the reviews here. Here is the synopsis from Barnes and Noble.

What begins as an adventure soon becomes a nightmare . . . 

Locals claim it is haunted and refuse to put a single toe past the front door, but to siblings Peter, Celia, and Margaret, the Priory is nothing more than a rundown estate inherited from their late uncle-and the perfect setting for a much-needed holiday. But when a murder victim is discovered in the drafty Priory halls, the once unconcerned trio begins to fear that the ghostly rumors are true and they are not alone after all! With a killer on the loose, will they find themselves the next victims of a supernatural predator, or will they uncover a far more corporeal culprit?

   The book is available as a freebie only for the Nook currently. You can pick it up here.

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