Saturday, January 14, 2012

Borrow an ebook?

Last week I asked for advice about ereaders. Thank you for your comments. I think for now, I’ve decided to keep my Pandigital Novel. It is doing everything I need, and there is no compelling reason to upgrade. Now, if I am blown away by the new iPad, or one of my kids decides they have to have an ereader, that will change things. But for now, I am happy!
So now, I want to know about borrowing ebooks. I have borrowed many books from Overdrive through my local library. But I know that both Kindle and Nook offer ‘lendable’ books. Have you ever loaned a book through your Nook or Kindle? Have you ever borrowed a book? Do you only exchange books with friends, or do you use a ‘matching’ site to find books? Are there other options for borrowing ebooks? Enquiring minds want to know! So tell me.....

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  1. I have a NOOK that I'm like absolutely obsessed over. Despite my hesitation around losing the touch and feel of my books, I've found it really convenient and easy to transition to.

    As for lending books. It actually seems like sort of a pain. You can connect with your Google or facebook. That seems like it, really, though. You can only lend each book ONE time and only for two weeks. For those two weeks you are unable to read the book yourself, but after the two weeks it's returned to your "library."