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Review: At Home In Mitford

At Home in Mitford
by Jan Karon
Penguin Group USA ebook
ISBN 9781440629969
464 pages
Release Date: April 29, 2008
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Why did you choose this book? This was the selection for my December book club. 
When did you read this book? December 2011
Who should read this book? anyone looking for a light read that doesn’t take a lot of energy to follow
Here is a synopsis of ‘At Home In Mitford' from Goodreads, where it rates 3.58 stars.
Source: Overdrive epub through my public library

Combining the stellar script-adaptation skills of award-winning writer Paul McCusker with the best-selling novel by Jan Karon, Radio Theatre's At Home in Mitford will leave listeners longing for more. Set in the charming village of Mitford, this book will delight listeners as it draws them into the life of Father Tim, an Episcopal rector who finds himself running on empty and longing for change. His bachelor existence is changed and enriched by a lovable cast of characters, including a stray dog, a lonely boy, and a comely neighbor.

My Review 

Sadly, I have to say I was very disappointed in this book. Several friends have excitedly recommended it to me through the years, so when my book club chose it as the December selection, I was willing to read it. However, it didn’t even approach living up to my expectations!
This is the story of a priest in a small, southern town. I use the word ‘story’ loosely, because a real storyline never developed. At one point, late in the book, it appeared that the author was going to pursue a storyline, and then just let it die out. To me, this read more like a happy memoir, and as regular followers of my reviews know, I am not a fan a memoirs! I don’t think I would have raved about the book under any circumstance, but the fact that our November selection, ‘Can’t Wait To Get To Heaven’, was also a ‘light’ read just added to my boredom. 
Before you decide not to read it, though, I want to acknowledge that a lot of people LOVE this book, and you may be one of them. Before you rule it out, I recommend you read the reviews on Goodreads to see if this book is for you!

My Rating:  ★★ 2 Stars

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  1. Sorry to hear you weren't a fan! I guess I'll skip this one!