Saturday, May 5, 2012

Challenge Progress Update 2

Challenge Progress It’s time for a challenge progress update. I need to do this to see where I am lagging behind!

2012 Goodreads Reading Challenge 
22/52 books; 7 last month

2012 Off The Shelf Challenge 
2/15 books; 1 last month

2012 Read You Own Books Challenge 
2/11 books; 1 last month

2012 Ebook Challenge 
11/10 books; 6 last month! I may decide to move to the next level!

2012 New Author Challenge 
13/15 books; 8 last month

2012 Support Your Local Library Challenge 
13/37 books; 6 last month

2012 Young Adult Challenge
9/20 books; 4 last month

2012 Free Reads Challenge
4/15 books

2012 Debut Author Challenge
2/12 books; 1 last month

2012 Historical Fiction Challenge
4/20 books

2012 Reading AddictChallenge
0/10 Challenges
Right now, I have finished the Ebook challenge at the level I signed up for, but since I may bump up to the next level, I am not counting this as 'complete' at this time.

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