Friday, May 18, 2012

Free Friday: Occultation and Other Stories

It’s Free Friday! Every Friday, Barnes and Noble offers a Nook Book for free. These are often a way for you to get acquainted with a ‘new to you’ author. But you have to act quick because they often are available for only a day or two before they go back to full price!
Today you can pick up ‘Occultation and Other Stories’ by Laird Barron. This is a collection of short horror stories. You can see reader reviews at Goodreads, where the book rates 4.28 stars. Here is the synopsis from Goodreads. 
Featuring an Introduction by Michael Shea, this new collection from multiple award-winning author horror Laird Barron features the following stories: The Forest, Occultation, The Lagerstatte, Mysterium Tremendum (original to this collection), Catch Hell, Strappado, and The Broadsword.
I’m only seeing it as a freebie at Barnes and Noble this week.
Be sure to check that it is still a freebie before adding it to your cart!

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