Saturday, May 31, 2014

Emily Giffin Comes to St. Louis!

I went to my first ever author event last night! I’m not sure why I’ve never attended one, except that the timing was never right. And I didn’t know how much fun they could be!

This one was with Emily Giffin, to celebrate her newest book, The One & Only. To be honest, I hadn’t decided if I was going to read this one yet. She has been kind of hit and miss with me. I’d read Love The One You’re With for book club a few years ago and wasn’t terribly impressed. Interestingly, Emily mentioned last night that this is her mother’s ‘least favorite’ of all her books. But our book club won a set of Where We Belong last year. I would have read it anyway, since it was set in St Louis, but being a book club selection gave me a reason to read it sooner. I really enjoyed that one a lot, and you can read my review here. As I mentioned in my review, one of my disappointments in that book was the ending, or lack of an ending. I’m happy to say that Emily promised last night that there will be a sequel! It is probably a couple of books down the road, but I will get to find out what happened to the characters! That alone made me happy I attended the event. But I really enjoyed much more than that. She is such a sweet person and it was fun to see a new side of her. She told us that she has a new publisher who allowed her to write sports into the book, something she always wanted to do. She is a big sports fan who worked with the basketball team when she was at Wake Forest. She asked if there were any women in the audience last night who are sports fans, kind of a superfluous question since she was in St. Louis where pretty much EVERYBODY talks sports! But listening to her talk about her love for sports and how it tied into the book really made me want to read The One & Only soon! So I’m going to try to work it into my review schedule in the next couple of months.

One other interesting thing about last night’s event was that Curtis Sittenfeld was in attendance. She is a local author with a new book out, “Sisterland”. I recently won a copy of this book which is also set in St. Louis. She has an author event coming to the same library in September. Now that I’ve been to one and enjoyed it so much, I’m hoping I can also attend hers! Who knows; I may become a regular at these things!

Have you ever been to an author event? Who did you see and what did your thing of the event? Leave a comment to let me know!

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