Friday, January 23, 2015

New Look!

Notice anything new here? YES! My blog has a slightly different look!
For awhile I’ve been thinking about how to make discussions more interactive, and one idea I had was to switch to the Disqus commenting system. I’ve seen it used on other blogs I visit and I really like how it keeps me informed of replies to the comments I make on those blogs. So I decided to try it out on my blog.

Easier said than done! I plan to do a post soon about my experiences is switching over, but for now, I will just say it was a little frustrating! The bottom line though, was that in order to have the comments show, I had to be sure the Disqus widget was placed in just the right spot in my layout. And for me, that meant switching to a layout that has main text on the left and sidebar on the right! I may still do some fine tuning with backgrounds, etc, though to be honest, I’m afraid to do anything new right now! It seems to be working and I’m not sure that any tweaking won’t break it! So for now, enjoy the look ‘as is’.

AND I did discover one thing. Even when the comments weren’t showing, if I click on the title of the post I want to comment on, so that the post is on it’s own page, the Disqus comment box magically appears at the bottom of the post! So please try this if you don’t see a way to comment. (I know I have been to a few blogs lately where I absolutely could not find a comment link and it is SOOOO frustrating! I’ll try clicking on the title next time to see if it helps!)

It would be great to see some comments here, just so I know it is working. So if you have a minute, please leave a comment. Thanks!

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  1. I love Disqus, but I don't see it! Did you remove it?

    1. I just now did remove Disqus.
      I GIVE UP!!!!
      The Disqus box was actually showing up for me, but your comment was not! It's only because I had an email from blogger telling me I had a comment that I saw it!
      I do like Disqus but I don't think it plays very nice with Blogger!