Monday, January 12, 2015

Winter 2015 Mini Bloggiesta

The holidays are over and most of us are working to get back into a routine. For me at least, that also includes my blogging. I really have let it slide since Halloween! So I am really excited that Winter Bloggiesta is right around the corner! It is a great time to play catch-up with my blogging. Below is a list of things I’d like to accomplish by the end of the weekend. However, I have a lot of non-blogging activities planned, so I know that is not realistic. Instead I will aim to get through at least the first five items and plan on accomplishing the others over the next two weeks.

Here is my Bloggiesta ‘bucket list’!
  • Back up blog!!!
  • Write and schedule at least 3 reviews
  • Update review page to link all reviews
  • Cross post reviews to Goodreads and Library Thing
  • Link reviews to Pinterest
  • Schedule WoW posts through through February
  • Schedule Tuesday Memes posts through February
  • Start February Reading Map post
  • Create one On My Radar post
  • Bookmark at least two mini-challenges to complete before the next Bloggiesta
  • Make a list of non-review post topics

Do you have things you need to catch up on? Bloggiesta is a great way to do it. Check out the Winter 2015 Bloggiesta post here.
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  1. Awesome goals! Good Luck with them all! I might have to add to my list of goals, if I have time, to cross post my reviews, I always forget to do that :)

  2. Oh back up the blog! good one, I added to my calendar so I do it every month now :)

  3. Backing up the blog is probably one of the most important things that I tend to avoid doing. Congratulations on getting your review index page updated!

  4. You have some great goals on your list. I might have to add some to my normal TO DO list after Bloggiesta!