Sunday, January 15, 2017

Happy 2017!

Welcome me!

I’ve kind of disappeared from the blogging world. I’m not exactly sure why, but the less I blogged, the less I wanted to blog. My reading list from other blogs was stacking up, unread, and the bigger the list got, the more I didn’t even want to open it and read them. My list of books read but unreviewed got bigger and bigger, and it too, became overwhelming so that I didn’t even WANT to review books I’d read. And then the worst thing…..I pretty much quit reading! I didn’t even make my Goodreads goal; though I only missed by one book, though some were re-reads and aren’t showing up in my Goodreads totals.

I think a lot of things happened that caused this backlog, but no reason to go over 2016. And I don’t feel THAT bad about not making my reading goal in Goodreads. I did notice over the year that while I read a few less books, many of the books I DID read were longer, and I read a lot more nonfiction than I have in the past. That is a trend I hope to continue, so I won’t be challenging myself to read as many books as usual.

Dovetailing well the challenge to read more nonfiction books is my renewed interest in genealogy. While I haven’t been reading as much, I did trace my Italian ancestors back to 1790 in the past couple of months! I’ve also been trying to read more about the history of Italy, and I’m using Duolingo and Coffee Break Italian to try to learn Italian.

What that all means is that I will be changing how I blog. Until I catch up on my reviews, and regain my enthusiasm for blogging, this will probably become a ‘reviews’ only blog. This doesn’t mean I will never blog about anything else that interests me, but I won’t be blogging regularly or on a schedule. My reviews will be sporadic; there may be weeks between reviews and then several reviews in one week! I will not be participating in blog tours for now. I’m going to try to regain my enthusiasm for reading by reading what I want when I want...and I may or may not review what I read.  And I will NOT sign up for any reading challenges (other than the Goodread challenge), as that has not ended well for me in past years.

Happy 2017! Have a great year in reading!
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  1. I completely get it! I've been feeling a bit slumpy about blogging myself lately. Taking it easy and blogging when you want to sounds like a great idea to me :)