Saturday, February 3, 2018

January Wrap-up Post

Last month has ended and a new one has begun. I want to take some time to reflect on my reading; where I’ve been and where I need to go. Below if a summary of my January in reading. You can check my progress towards my goals anytime by clicking the 2018 Challenges and Goals tab above.

Progress Towards Goals

I don’t feel like three books read is where I want to be, but in my defense, I’m only 40 pages from completing the fourth book. I also have another three books ‘in progress’. They are good books and I started them early in the month, but then they got set aside. My book club selection became available at the library. In addition, I was given the opportunity to participate in a book tour. And then there is the happy fact that I have my grandbaby here five days a week while his mommy and daddy go to work. I HAVE read at least 24 books to him this month, some of them multiple times!

2018 Nonfiction Reading Challenge
I’m not doing so well here. I’ve read no nonfiction yet this year. Time to get started!

I both read and reviewed our book club selection for January, The Nest by Cynthia D’Aprix Sweeney.

I read one book from my own shelf, How To Change A Life by Stacey Ballis. That’s a start!

2018 Write My Reviews Progress - 3 books reviewed
I’m currently at 100%! I wrote and posted reviews for all three of the books I read last month! Awesome!
The Nest by Cynthia D’Aprix Sweeney
How To Change A Life by Stacey Ballis
Family Tree by Susan Wiggs

In addition, I wrote and posted reviews for two of the books I read last year.
The Girls In The Picture by Melanie Benjamin
The Absence of Evelyn by Jackie Townsend

I got a good start, giving away six books last month. Of course, two of them may be coming back to me. Often when I give them to friends or family, they treat them more as a long term loan, giving them back to me when they are finished because they want to clear THEIR shelves! LOL!

Next Month

I have three books scheduled to read for book tours and/or book club.

A Piece Of The World by Christina Baker Kline
The Atomic City Girls by Janet Beard
The Woman In Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware

Of course, I also plan to read books in addition to these. I definitely plan to start on my nonfiction reading. Since President’s Day falls in February, it would be a good time to read a book towards my U.S. President’s Project. Here are a few I’m considering reading:

Friends Divided by Gordon S. Wood
Jefferson’s Daughters by Catherine Kerrison
Six Encounters With Lincoln by Elizabeth Brown Pryor
Lady Bird and Lyndon by Betty Boyd Caroli

They all sound interesting to me, but I’m leaning towards starting with Friends Divided. I had to write a biography on Thomas Jefferson long ago in elementary school, and I was fascinated by his friendship and then ‘unfriendship’ wth John Adams, as well as the fact that they died on the same 4th of July.  I’m a little afraid of the Lincoln book—some of the reviewers have mentioned that the author paints Lincoln in a bad light. As an Illinois girl who grew up steeped in Lincoln lore, I’m not sure I’m ready to give up the idea of Lincoln as a hero!
My choice may depend on what’s available at the library!.

In addition, I’d like to read at least one more book from my own shelves. I acquired The Atomic City Girls last year, so I will have at least one more read, but I’m hoping for more. Two of my ‘in progress’ books, The Murderer’s Maid and  Even If It Kills Her, are from my shelves, so I have a good start.

I also hope to review all of the books I read in February again. In addition, I’d like to catch up on some of the reviews I didn’t write last year. And of course, I hope to continue freeing up space on my bookshelves….for more books!

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  1. You are on your way making progress on your challenges! I want to read The Atomic City Girls too. Hope you enjoy all of your books!

    1. You should also read The Girls of Atomic City by Denise Kiernan.
      It covers the same events, but is very readable nonfiction.