Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Free ebooks: A Passage to India, Eye of the God, Freedom From Performing

   Today I have some ebook freebies to tell you about. The first is a classic first published in 1924, 'A Passage to India' by E. M. Forster. This story set in colonial India, centers around a British tourist, Adela Quested, who opts to see the 'real' India rather than 'tourist' India. She meets and develops a friendship with an Indian doctor, who offers to take her on a tour of a local cave, where she accuses the doctor of assaulting her. You can read the Goodreads reviews here. Here is the synopsis from Barnes and Noble.

In this hard-hitting novel, first published in 1924, the murky personal relationship between an Englishwoman and an Indian doctor mirrors the troubled politics of colonialism. Adela Quested and her fellow British travelers, eager to experience the “real” India, develop a friendship with the urbane Dr. Aziz. While on a group outing, Adela and Dr. Aziz visit the Marabar caves together. As they emerge, Adela accuses the doctor of assaulting her. While Adela never actually claims she was raped, the decisions she makes ostracize her from both her countrymen and the natives, setting off a complex chain of events that forever changes the lives of all involved. This intense and moving story asks the listener serious questions about preconceptions regarding race, sex, religion, and truth. A political and philosophical masterpiece, this engrossing novel is also exotic and descriptive, making it exceptionally well suited to audio.

   You can pick up the Nook version here or the Kindle version here.

   The next book is 'Eye of God' by Ariel Allis. This book, classified as Christian fiction, particularly appeals to me because it is about the Hope diamond. I had to do a term paper on the Hope diamond way back in high school. This book takes the history of the Hope diamond and incorporates it into a story about jewel thieves. You can read the reviews here at Goodreads. Here is a synopsis from Amazon.

eye of the god  takes the fascinating history surrounding the Hope Diamond and weaves it together with a present-day plot to steal the jewel from the Smithsonian Institute.
We follow Alex and Isaac Weld, the most lucrative jewel thieves in the world, in their quest to steal the gem, which according to legend was once the eye of a Hindu idol named Rama Sita. When it was stolen in the 17th century, it is said that the idol cursed all those who would possess it. That won’t stop the brilliant and ruthless Weld brothers.

However, they are not prepared for Dr. Abigail Mitchell, the beautiful Smithsonian Director, who has her own connection to the Hope Diamond and a deadly secret to keep. Abby committed long ago that she would not serve a god made with human hands, and the “eye of the god” is no exception. Her desire is not for wealth, but for wisdom. She seeks not power, but restoration.

When the dust settles over the last great adventure of the Hope Diamond, readers will understand the “curse” that has haunted its legacy is nothing more than the greed of evil men who bring destruction upon themselves. No god chiseled from stone can direct the fates of humankind, nor can it change the course of God’s story.

   You can pick up the Kindle version here or the Nook version here.

   The last book today is Freedom From Performing by Becky Harling. This newly published book is a 12-week Bible study covering the parables of Jesus. Here is the synopsis from Amazon.

For years, author Becky Harling lived for the rave reviews of others, until God directed her from performance-driven theatrics to a leading role as a grace-motivated follower of Jesus. She only needed to be herself, and so do you.

Freedom from Performing uncovers fresh perspectives from Jesus’ parables to inspire women of all ages to embrace authentic grace in our accolades-crazed world. Enlivened by the author’s and other women’s transparent, real-life scripts, every chapter is rich with discussion questions and practical exercises for internalizing God’s grace on a daily, personal level. This twelve-week Bible study will play a starring role in your living fully and joyfully as God intends: seeking His applause alone.

You can pick up the Kindle version here.

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