Friday, April 27, 2012

Free Friday: The Stolen Crown

It’s Free Friday! Every Friday, Barnes and Noble is offers a Nook Book for free. These are often a way to get aquainted with a ‘new to you’ author. But you have to act quick because they often are available for only a day or two before they go back to full price!
Today you can pick up ‘The Stolen Crown’ by Susan Higgenbotham. This looks like a great one for fans of historical fiction! You can see at Goodreads, where the book gets. 3.70 stars. Here is the synopsis from Goodreads.
Katherine Woodville's sister never gave her a choice. A happy girl of modest means, Kate hardly expected to become a maker of kings. But when her sister impulsively marries King Edward IV in secret, Katherine's life is no longer hers to control...
You can pick it up in any of these formats.
Be sure to check that it is still a freebie before adding it to your cart!
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  1. Very cool! I just got it for my Kindle!

  2. I've always been fascinated by the War of the Roses, so this one sounds like something I'd love. Thanks for the heads-up...I just downloaded it!