Saturday, June 28, 2014

My Favorite Books of 2014....So Far

A couple of weeks ago, Shannon, at River City Reading, listed her favorite reads of the far. I decided that this is an excellent idea, so….

So far this year I’ve read 34 books, most of which if rated and reviewed. Here is the breakdown of those I’ve rated.
  • DNF ------------ 2
  • 1 Star ---------- 0
  • 1.5 Stars ------ 0
  • 2 Stars --------- 2
  • 2.5 Stars ------ 1
  • 3 Stars --------- 8
  • 3.5 Stars ------- 9
  • 4 Stars --------- 11
  • 4.5 Stars ------ 3
  • 5 Stars --------- 1
So far, luckily, I haven’t come across any truly horrible books this year. I did DNF two books, but they weren’t bad books. I know some readers loved them. They just didn’t happen to catch my interest at the time I picked them up!

I appear to have a nice bell curve going with not many books falling at either extreme. The huge majority of my books rate 3 - 4 stars, with most receiving 4 stars! It looks like I’ve done fairly well picking  books to read this year! I only had four books that I rated higher than 4 stars. These are my favorites….so far.

Reviews are linked. Click on title to go to review.

Have you taken time to evaluate your year in reading? What are your favorite books so far?

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  2. This is really interesting. I haven't taken the time to look at my year (so far) in reading, but I should. I might turn it into a post in the next few weeks, or maybe wait until the end of the year and do it then.