Sunday, January 25, 2015

Update: Disqus Deleted :(

Just an update; I have removed Disqus  from my blog.
(See previous post about my New Look)

While I love the IDEA of Disqus on my blog, it is just not working out for me! The first clue was when I got up yesterday morning and went to my blog. The newest post (Review: Ordinary Grace) was showing no comment count at the bottom. I opened up my layout and played around with widget positions again and was just about to do something major and irreversible that I didn’t quite understand, but that was recommended in the Disqus knowledge base, when I noticed the comment count has reappeared! YAY!!

Or so I thought….

I got home late yesterday after attending a Trivia Night, and saw I had an email from blogger notifying me of a comment from Jenna @ I’d Rather Be Reading YA to my New Look post. I went to my Diqus dashboard, but it was not there. I went to my blog and saw the comment count showed ZERO comments on the post with no way to see Jenna’s comment. However, it was clearly left because it was quoted in the email. Sadly, the only thing I could think to do was to remove the Disqus widget. When I did, suddenly the comment count was accurate!

I browsed the Disqus Knowledge Base and learned that apparently there is a known issue with comment syncing between Disqus and Blogger. So while I love the IDEA of using Disqus on my blog it just isn’t going to happen right now! So sad!

If you are a blogger using Blogger, and you have successfully integrated the Disqus commenting system, please let me know how you did it!

Really, really HOPING my comments are working now!
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