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Review: The Time Traveler's Boyfriend (& Giveaway!)

The Time Traveler’s Boyfriend
by Annabelle Costa

Why did you choose this book? It sounded like a cute story
When did you read this book? March 2014
Who should read this book? anyone ready for a fun romance
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Claudia’s geeky boyfriend Adam has just invented a time machine.

No, really—he has.  She doesn’t believe it either until Adam provides her with definitive proof that he does, in fact, have a functioning time travel device sitting in the living room of his Manhattan brownstone.

But instead of getting ready to accept the Nobel Prize, Adam has very different plans for his groundbreaking invention.  He wants Claudia to use the machine to travel back in time and stop the accident that landed him in a wheelchair over a decade ago, and prevent the trajectory of events that he believes ruined his life.

When Claudia reluctantly agrees to become the first human time traveler, she knows she’s making a big gamble. If she succeeds, she could have the happy ending with commitment-phobic Adam that she’s always dreamed of.  But if she fails, it could mean the end of the universe as she knows it.

My Review

When I picked up this book, I didn’t expect much from it. Oh, I expected to like it. I wouldn’t have agreed to review it had I not. But I didn’t expect to like it nearly as much as I did! What I expected was a light romance, but the time-travel had me a bit worried. I’d tried to make it through The Time Traveler’s Wife a few years ago and just couldn’t, so I though I had something against time travel. (I’m not sure why, because I’ve read and enjoyed other time travel books and Back To The Future is among my favorite movies!) What I got was so much more!

This book is a cute romance and SO.MUCH.FUN!!!! I could hardly put it down. Luckily it is a very quick read. And the illustrations are fun, too; all sorts of graphs and flow charts done by ther geeky boyfriend. I loved the character of Adam, the boyfriend. He is kind and has a great sense of humor, and has so easily adapted to his wheel chair. In the story, we get to meet Adam both in the present, in his late 30s, and several years in the past, as a 24 year old. And he is a great guy in both times!

Claudia, his girlfriend, gets to know him in both periods, and falls in love with ‘both’ Adams. She also gets to know her former, self-centered, self and doesn’t care much for what she sees. And it was fun to see all the changes over time. The story takes place in New York city, and she travels back before 9-11. She often slips and speaks of movies and technology that didn’t exist in 2000, and it is fun to watch her try to cover her tracks, as she earns the nickname ‘Psychic Girl’. You really begin to wonder how this can possibly all work out happily. As in: if she changes events in 2000, will she still know and love Adam in 2014?

If this book has a weakness, it is the ending. I’m not really sure what happened, or what the motivation was for Claudia to go back to year 2000. Part of it is the time travel thing and how it alters situations is just so confusing for me (not just in this story!) I can’t quite wrap my mind around her going back and changing things and then...well...was she or wasn’t Adam aware of the ‘changed’ reality. I think I needed to just sit back and enjoy! For most of the book, I would have said this is a book for individual enjoyment but not really a good choice for book clubs. But after the ending, I would definitely like to discuss it with others. I think there could be some great discussions about different takes on the ending, as well as some of the characters and events throughout the story. Loved this one!

You can visit the author’s website here, and read a short excerpt of the book here.

My Rating:  ★★★★   4 Stars

This book review is included in a tour by TLC Book Tours. I received a copy of the book in return for an honest review, which you can read above.


And now, for the giveaway. I will choose one winner to receive a digital copy of The TIme Traveler’s Boyfriend! To enter, just leave a comment below telling me why you would like to read this book. Be sure to include an email address! Winner will be chosen on April 21st!

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