Wednesday, July 1, 2015

July Reading Map

It’s the beginning of the month and time to plan out my reading. I do this with a ‘Reading Map’. This is like a road map of my reading journey. Each month I do a ‘check-up’ to help me see what I’ve accomplished towards my reading goals and to help me see what needs to be done next.

I like to start with a look at what I’ve done since the last map.

What I’ve read in June.

What I’m Currently Reading

I didn’t do too badly this month. I at least started most of the books on my list, and I really didn’t expect to get to all of them. In addition, I didn’t realize until I picked it up that A Tree Grows In Brooklyn is nearly 500 pages long! (Good pages, though!)

Now it’s time to s take a look at my reading map for July.

July 2015 Reading Map

These are not in any particular order, and again, I may not read them all. 1984 is my book club selection for August, and if our meeting is during the second half of August, I will move this to my August reading map. Also, I leave myself open to picking up a different book, just because the mood strikes me. But this plan lets me pick up a book right away when I finish one, so I don’t lose valuable reading time deciding what to read next.

Do you have a ‘map’ to help guide your reading? If so, share it below in the comments. Maybe I’ll see something I want to add to my list! Happy reading!
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  1. I use Google Calendar to plot out what I'll be reading each month. Currently all my July slots are full and the books are read. I'm working on my August calendar and have read what will be posted through August 6. Summers are great times for me to get ahead and take pressure off the busy back to work months. Happy reading!

    1. You sound really organized! I add my 'required' reviews to my Google Calendar. Having it laid out at a glance really helps me. I also have a spreadsheet in my Google Drive that I add books I definitely intend to read....some day. I file in my reading map first with the 'must reads' on the calendar, and then choose some from my spreadsheet to fill in.

  2. I never pick out what to read in advance. I keep having to renew my library books because I check them out and then don't feel like reading them. Some of them go back unread. I'll have to get them again another time.

    I really like the cover of When the Moon Is Low, and Revolutionary looks good.

  3. Ha! Yeah.....I do that with library books, too. I always bring home more than I could possibly finish!