Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2014 In Review — Reading

This week I am discussing my year in review. I’ve talked about my blogging and I’ve talked about my challenge participation. Now I want to review my reading. This will be pretty short. My goal was to read at least one book per week, or 52 books. I surpassed that by quite a bit. I finished 64 books as of today (I am in the middle of two others, but probably won’t finish them before the New Year rolls in). I actually was better about reviewing than I thought I was. I reviewed all but 7 books. This means I reviewed about 90% of the books I read, and if I were setting a goal for next year, 90% would be a good target. I also started 3 other books, but did not finish them and did not review them.

I am not opposed to review a book I DNF, if it is for a reason that I think others should be aware of, such as language or content issues, so poorly written or edited that it is difficult to follow, etc. But that is not the case with any of these books. They simply did not hold my interest at the time I picked them up and I had other books I wanted to get to. It’s possible they would hook me if I picked them up again, and I didn’t read enough to give a good review, so they are just marked as DNF.

Here is a list of the books I read in 2014. Reviewed titles are linked to my reviews.


Not Reviewed

  1. Station Eleven
  2. Elsewhere
  3. Accidents of Marriage
  4. The Perfect Mother
  5. The Girl Who Came Home
  6. Hold Still
  7. The Cost of Love and Sanity


  1. Swan House
  2. Never Coming Back
  3. A Long Time Gone
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